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!ds closet cleaning (US only)

First person who expresses interest and is willing to pay full price gets priority
Reasonable offers will be considered
Not interested in trades atm
I accept PayPal
Tracking is included
Insurance costs extra. Unless insurance is specified, I will not be responsible for lost items once shipped
US buyers only please - Apologies, I'm not too familiar with international shipping prices
Please note that I live in a previously smoked in apartment. All items have been kept in protective garment bags, though.
All items have been recently washed and dry cleaned!
Measurements are amateur
Please comment only if you are serious about buying
Due to a number of past difficulties, I require at least +1 feedback from buyer

Items have been described to the best of my ability, so please no refunds

Let's get started

Mr. mushroom is my proof ^_^

Black x White Baby the Stars Shine Bright OP $230 shipped

My first OP. A simple yet gorgeous dress. I love it but not really my style. Worn once for a few hours. Front bow is detachable. Please note that the price of this dress is significantly lowered from the original - I paid almost $300 for it. It is in excellent condition.

Bust: ~16 inches flat

Btssb Lavender JSK $55 shipped

Only tried on. Bust measured at 16 1/2 inch flat. OK condition

The previous seller I bought this dress from didn't notify me of its major flaws. Somehow, they managed to fade the dress and now it's a very, very light lavender. The lining has retained its true color, so you can see how faded it is compared to the outside. You can also see on the front shirring, some of the eyelets on the bottom are somewhat stretched, but I fixed that by re-threading the ribbon into the unstretched eyelets. Sadly, due to the washing, the lace has lost some of it's detailing as well. The left strap on the dress has a 1/2 inch difference in length compared to the right strap. It sounds bad but you need to stretch the straps in order to fit over your chest anyway. Lastly, there is a small, very light mark on the bottom right of the dress that I circled in red on the last pic. I know of two other similar marks(couldn't find them again), but they are all 1mm or less in size and not noticeable at all. I can't pick them up on my camera because they are so small and light, sorry.

LOL this dress sound like a hot mess but despite the flaws, it's still a beautiful jsk in person and in picture. I would salvage it myself and redye to restore the color but it hangs on me too much(the elastic on the bust seems weak from wear. sigh).

Gray offbrand button down skirt with straps $17 shipped

Super cute skirt with pockets on either side and straps that are also detachable so you can wear it as a skirt. It can fit a small petti underneath too. the fabric up close has black and white thread. 100% cotton. Has a replacement button on the tag. Great condition.

[edit] oops! forgot to mention this is high waisted.
Pics added: front, side

Waist:14 1/2 inches flat
Length: 22 inches

Offbrand plaid skirt $25 shipped

I'm very surprised at the quality of this skirt considering it's offbrand. It is a very pretty red/black/yellow combination plaid. The waistband is elastic and the skirt is fully lined with lace at the bottom. Can also be worn on the hips depending on size. 100% cotton

Length: 19 inches with the lace included
Waist: 13inches unstretched, I'm guessing that it can stretch up to 17 1/2 inches comfortably

Off-white Btssb turtleneck $40 shipped Sold

New, never opened.

Plaid Coat $35 shipped

Black x pink x light brown with a bit of red. Warm tweed-like wool mix coat. It has pockets on either side and a floral lining. I think the best part of this coat is the velvety buttons and ruffling around the collar and opening. it has ruffles on both ends so you can have the coat open. In great condition. I've kept this in my closet for a few years but it's too big for me ;_;

Length: ~32 inches
bust: ~18 inches flat

Cream Polka Dot colored blouse $18 shipped

Fitted cream blouse with front ruffle detailing. The fabric is a bit sheer and the polka dots even more sheer, so wearing something under this is recommended. Great condition. 100% cotton, length is 27 inches flat, bust is 18 inches flat

Black x White shirt dress $25 shipped

Vertically striped button down shirt dress with pin tuck bib. Worn several times. Great condition. Can also be tucked in for a blouse look.

Bust: ~17 inches
Length: ~33 1/2 inches

Genuine Leather Oxfords $50 shipped

These are Naturalizer Oxfords, one of the comfiest shoe brands I know out there. They have a black leather/suede combination, and are cushioned all on the bottom of the inside.  I bought them because of wide feet, but buying a tapered shoe wasn't a good idea.. I guess I'm not a heel person anyway. Worn twice. I also sprayed them with a weather sealant and some parts of the suede got shiny.. but the spray on the outside is much less noticeable. They are a little worn but still in very good condition and will last a long time. I bought them for $110. Size is womens 9W, has a 3 inch heel

Black x Black Bodyline Heartbuckle replicas $40 shipped

I'm selling the old Black x Black version. Only tried on. 27 cm. Is exactly 27.5 cm on the inside.

Proofs: front  side

Secret Shop socks $10 shipped

Didn't know they had a mint color on the detailing, so reselling. I think I tried one of them on.

Off-white Btssb logo socks $22 $18 Shipped

New, never worn.

Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand, secret shop

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