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!DS / !DT: APJSK, Infanta JSK, Bodyline Skirts and Shoess, Offbrand Bag

So here's the scoop:
       My feedback page
       Preferably US orders ( worldwide available )
       PayPal ONLY please
       First to leave PayPal information gets the item


Angelic Pretty Lovely Tulle JSK 'black'
$150/ Trade/ Best Offer

proof pic
Measurements (flat): Bust: 40cm, Waist 36cm, Length: 56cm (from waist down)

This dress was bought second hand but has not been worn for anything more than a try on by me and the previous owner. Heart pockets are functional with the AP notorious secret pocket on the right side. The entire back is sheered with lacing.

Infanta Spring Whisper Alice JSK + Head bow 'white'
$75/ Trade/ Best Offer

proof pic
top detail
bottom detail
head bow
head bow stock pic
Measurements: Bust 88cm, Waist 72cm, Length 90cm

I got it as a birthday gift and haven't worn it for anything more than a try on. Great cotton dress prefect for warmer weather. The bottom lining is suede and the the skirt of the dress is pleated. The back is laced with no sheering. This dress comes with detachable black suede bow (as seen in stock image and 'proof pic') and matching head bow ('head bow pic') without the alice band.

Bodyline Fruit Parlor (replica) 'black x pink'
$50/ Trade/ Best Offer
NOTE: Broken zipper

proof pic
Measurements: Length: 56cm, Waist: 64-74

This skirt has a broken zipper. I would stitch a new one in but I have a second one. To wear it, you would have to sew in a new zipper.

Bodyline Plaid High Waist Double Skirt 'black x white'
$15/ Trade/ Best Offer

sample stock pic <---(not the color of the skirt for sale!)
bottom detail
Measurements: Overskirt - Length: 56cm, Waist: 64-74com
                              Underskirt - Length: 52cm, Waist: 62-84cm

No longer sold on the sight this skirt had a good run. I've worn it out once and has a little tear in the seem (blemish detail 1) and the wiring is visible in (blemish detail 2). Other than that, the top skirt is in great condition. There is no stains or wear on the underskirt which has an elastic waistband.

Bodyline Polka Dot Skirt 'pink'
$25/ Trade/ Best Offer

proof pic
bottom detail
Measurement: Length: 56, Waist: 64-74

This was my first lolita purchase and I've worn it about once or twice. Still in super condition with no visible wear and tear. Comes with detachable bow.

Bodyline Heart Buckle Shoes (replica) 'black x white' Size 26.0
$25/ Trade/ Best Offer

stock pic

Off Brand Polka Dot Hang Bag pink x white
$15/ Trade/ Best Offer

side view
inside view

I have worn it a few times. There are minor blemishes on the straps from use, but no stains. It has a top zip closure and two pockets inside.
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