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DS: Inexpensive F+F, Bodyline, Meta-- nothing above $45!!!!

Shipping by Priority Mail in US/Canada included in all prices. First to leave a paypal takes priority. View feedback here--> http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/624800.html

F+F Gingham Dress (reposted due to non-paying buyer): $45.00 OBO
This is a very comfortable dress, made of black and white soft cotton gingham. It can be worn with a petticoat for traditional Lolita style or without for days when you just want to pull something on and still feel pretty. The skirt is a bit longer than usual on this dress, as tends to be the trend with F+F. Without a petticoat, it hits about mid-shin on me (I am 64 inches in height). However, there are no constructional flaws. Will likely fit up to a 33" bust, 26" waist.

Stock pictures can be found here--> http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-241/Dolly-Gothic--fdsh--Sweet/Detail (this is the black gingham version pictured at the bottom)

F+F Red VM Replica Suit Separates: $45.00

This is a set of red suit separates, based on a VM design. There are two detachable bows with pins on the backs, one detachable waist tie, and four detachable cuffs (two wide ones, two narrow ruffles). Please note that I have removed the second ruffle from the hem of the skirt (I thought it made it look ridiculous and gave it an awkward length.). The bow at the bottom of the skirt has also been removed. I was unable to get accurate colored photos of the set, but the most accurate is the stock photo. I wore this set twice for a couple of conferences, otherwise unused. Will likely fit up to a 34" bust, 26" waist, 33" hip.

Stock photo: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/c2/V00008_05.jpg (the color is most accurate to this)

Bodyline Black Tiered Skirt: $25.00

Fluffy black tiered skirt with partial overlay, small lace trim, and pearl button decorations. Side zip, partial elastic waist, ribbon ties at side. Worn a handful of times. Will likely fit waists up to 25" or 26" if you stretch it a bit (runs a bit small).

Meta White Raschel Knee Socks: $10.00
White knee socks with frilly raschel lace tops and little bows. One of them has been reinforced at the toe once, but it is unnoticeable unless you look for it. Otherwise, no flaws.

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