Kat Reaganomics (junklandbabette) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kat Reaganomics

WTB: Lots of things!

I'm looking for several basic items as well as a few specifics. I am located in the US and can pay immediately. Here is a link to my feedback:


My measurements: 

Bust: 34.5 inches
Waist: 27 inches

What I want: 

I'm looking for some good, basic wardrobe pieces. Brands I usually like are JetJ, BPN, VM, IW and AatP but I'll look at anything that fits what I'm looking for.Generally, I prefer black or jeweltone colors like deep blue-green, bordeaux, some shades of reds and navys and even charcoal gray. I also prefer solid JSKs and patterned skirts, but I'll make the occasional exception.

*PIlain JSKs and I prefer certain more elegant cuts such as dropped waists or no seams at the waistline at all.A JSK with a belt at the waistline would be okay, though.
*Underbust JSK
*Black bustier. Any brand is okay as long as it isn't too ruffly and fussy.
*High-waisted skirts. Black preferred here.
*I also like florals and sedated plaids.

Specific AatP prints: 

*Masquarade Theater in black, JSK or skirt.
*The Castle of Nightmare in black. Skirt.
*Vampire Requiem in black or red preferred, but will consider cream. Corset JSK, skirt or possibly long JSK.
*Stained Glass in black, JSK or skirt.

Other Prints:

*JetJ Crucifixion print
*IW Birdcage print in black (forget the official name)
*Other various gothic prints

Thanks and happy selling! :D
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