Nymia_san (nymia_san) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Low heeled black shoes


I'm looking for a some black low heeled shoes in IW style (simple, elegant and as versetyle as possible) i was looking foward to get this model from innocent world but it's not in store anymore and i don't like the new version as much as i did the other... My budjet is rather low since it's going to be a gift from my mother and she won't go further than 60€/80$ i can add like 20€ from my pocket though, going up to 80€/105$ (including shipping please).


I'm not intrested in replicas. i rather brand but wil look at offbrand as long as it's not replica. If you seen this kind of shoes in size M in auction anywhere i would really apreciate too (i've already checked au one and Y!japan and found nothing, but you might have) !

size M /23.5/6.5US

I have +12 positive feedback in the new dbs

i pay with paypal or European Bank transfer.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: !wtb

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