omfgwtflexilol (omfgwtflexilol) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Lavender shoes, Bodyline carousel JSK, red cardigan, BTSSB Falling Cherry, more


Hello! I'm looking to buy several things at the moment. I can't afford all of them at once, so some items will take priority over others. I'm also open to any larger sized brand pieces that can fit 29" waist and 42" bust or just slightly smaller, as I occasionally corset. I prefer not to buy international due to shipping costs.

I am particularily seeking:
-Lavender shoes, prefer with a slight heel but flat shoes are also acceptable such as teaparties. Need a size LL, 25.5/8.5.
-Bodyline Carousel JSK in either pink or black, any size other than tall. 
-Bodyline Alice and Mushroom JSK OR skirt in Pink and black.
-A red cardigan, prefer offbrand.
-Also hoping to maybe find BTSSB's Falling Cherry JSK in black or pink in size L.
-Cutsews that can fit the above measurements.

Thank you! I'm open to offers of other items not necessarily mentioned that can fit the above measurements, since they are generally far and few between.
Tags: !wtb, *plus size, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline

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