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DS: ALL SOLD - Thankyou~

  * First to pay asking price + leave paypal address gets piority.
    * Payments made via Paypal. No cc-paypal (credit card linked) payments accepted.
    * Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it.
* No trades/partial trades.
    * Buyer needs feedback.
* Measurements are amatuer but I do my best.

       * Keep in mind. I ship from Australia. We are far from most countries so shipping does end up to be very very expensive. Most items will cost me 30 something to send to most countries - and that is just Registered.

There's feedback on my
LJ and some more feedback there. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

AP: School Heart Emblem Cutsew

America/Oceanic Region* Except Australia:
80 USD Shipped

Condition: It's been washed already, worn once or twice and not for long. It will be ironed again before being sent. It does have a detachable bit near the buttons which I can take an extra photo if someone is interested. You can see that bit on the stock photo
here - I have it and actually never used the cutsew with it so it's new and can take proof photo if required of it of them together. Details can be seen here and here's a photo of the back. Each button is a star.

Bust: 80 cm - 88cm
Length - ~49 cm (Give or take 1cm +/-)

AP: Wonder Party Headbow Set

America/Canada/Oceanic Region* Except Australia:
Shipped: Please check your LJ inbox

Condition: They are exactly as I got them and there are no flaws. The headbow has a mini fork and spoon on either end. The second bow is a skirt bow from the skirt of a limited store release skirt and has a pin at the back of it. I will only be selling these items together since shipping is expensive - I will NOT split this set.

AP: Lady Rose Headpiece

America/Oceanic Region* Except Australia:
55 USD

Condition: No flaws, it's just how I got it still in it's orginal condition. This is the matching headpiece to the pink dress.

AP: Magical Etoile Bag Charm

America/Oceanic Region* Except Australia:
45 USD Shipped

Condition: No flaws, it's just how I got it still in it's orginal condition. It has three star charms on it, one poodle and one of the Effiel tower. Only taken out of the packaging I recieved it in for this photo. Here's a picture of the
* * *

Countries I do not ship to because I'm too scared of lost parcels: Brazil/Italy/Canada/Isreal (I'm sorry! D: Really I am.) I may ship to the first three if express post is used but do keep in mind prices will be extremely high for express.

If there are any questions feel free to ask. But if your not serious about buying please don't comment/PM me. I may be in class so it will take me a while to respond.

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