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DS: Candy Striped Meta JSK

Evening everyone ~

Please read this first:
*Please pay with Paypal only. <3

*My Feedback page is here <3

*I ship from London, England. If you live in London, to avoid Fee's I could personally give it to you.

*Shipping feels will be fairly in-expensive. The dress shall be shipped in a large padded jiffy bag, so when you recieve the package please be aware there may be a few creases when opening the dress, as to keep the package weight down it will be wrapped tightly and with as little space as possible.

Onto whats on sale ~

 I'm selling my beautiful, almost pristine candy striped jumperskirt from Meta. It has a ruffled hem, and a beautiful removable lace pannel at the front. It is fully lined, right down to the straps. One of the buttons on the strap is loose (it arrived like this) So I will happily place some reinforcement stitches in for you.


All of the bows are removable and can be placed where you like. There is shirring on the back, but it only streches a few inches. The fabric is candy striped, but my camera blures the stripes together. I have never worn this dress, other than to try it on and has no damages.

The max the bust can go up to is around 38 inches, but this is stretched to the max. 
The waist is fitted, so around 30 inches at most.
The hips are free. :)

Please feel free ask for any extra pictures, and questions.
I'd like around $130 , as it's worth around £140. Please feel free to haggle.
P.s Mods I'm sorry for messing up my post last time! It seems my laptop cannot handle cuts well. 

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