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DS: Secret Shop Shoes, Candy Bag

*All prices are in USD
*Accept PAYPAL,please add 4.5%paypal fee
*Feel free to ask question
*Shipping included to all places.
*Feedback:   EGL_FEEDBACK           MY_LJF_EEDBACK

Secret Shop 9810   Details   Details2
Color: Pink
Size: M  (23.cm)

Heel: 6.5cm
Condition: Worn once only

$69USD shipped with tracking

Secret Shop 9810   Bottom
Color: Mint
Size: M (23.5cm)
Heel: 6.5cm
Condition: Mew
$74USD shipped with tracking.

Secret Shop Cake Shoe    
Condition: Try on once at home.
Color: Red
Size: S (22.5)
$69USD shipped with tracking

Secret Shop 9809 Tea Party
Color: Black
Size: S (22.5cm)
Condition: Worn once
$67USD shipped with tracking

Secret Shop 9901  Bottom     Side
Color: Brown
Size: M (23.5cm)
Heel: 4.7cm
Condition: New
$74USD shipped with tracking

Secret Shop 9815      Bottom   Side   SOLD
Color: Black
Size: L (24.5cm)
Heel: 2.3cm
Condition: Try on once only
$69USD shipped with tracking.

Candy Bag
Color: Blue x Pink
Size: 13" x 6" x 3"
$63USD shipped with tracking. 
Tags: !ds, offbrand, secret shop

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