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DS: Meta Room Print JSK, Cyperous Wig, Secret Shop Shoes, AP Coat, ETC Cutsew, + some free goodies

  • 100% positive feedback as a seller and buyer can be found here at the new feedback community!! (There are also links to my etsy and ebay feedback, and my journal's feedback post, all 100% positive.) When leaving feedback, please do so at the new feedback community or my journal. <3
  • I ship from CANADA
  • I don't smoke, and neither does anyone in my household! I DO own a cat, and her hair manages to get everywhere, even though she never comes in direct contact with my lolita clothes. All items will be thoroughly lint-rolled before shipping, but you may still find a few hairs on your item. If you have severe allergies, let me know, and we can talk about having the item dry cleaned before I ship. ^^
  • All prices are in USD, and include shipping and PayPal fees.
  • I will consider all reasonable offers! (^_^)
Metamorphose Room Print JSK
$185 $148 Shipped to US/Canada, $195 $156 Shipped Worldwide

Purchased used off the comm, tried on but it didn't suit me. Great condition! However, WAIST TIES ARE CURRENTLY MISSING. The first owner forgot to send them to me, and she has told me that they are on their way to me now. So, if they show up, I will forward them to whoever has purchased this dress. (Personally, I think that they probably will come, since the seller seems honest and has positive feedback.) But there is also the risk that they will not show up, which is one reason the price is so low. If you want to purchase this dress, please understand that you will be taking on that risk.
Bust: Difficult to measure because of the cut of the jsk, but I am a 34, and there was room to spare. Maybe 36 or 38? If you are concerned that it might not fit you, I can adjust my dressmaking dummy to your measurements and try it on. Let me know. (^_^)
Waist: 30 (can go larger with back shirring, smaller with waist ties)

Emily Temple Cute Cutsew
$50 $40 Shipped to US/Canada, $55 $43 Shipped Worldwide
Cute and simple cutsew, great for spring and summer casual coords. No flaws, great condition.
Bust/waist: 28 to 38 in (might be a bit tight at the max)

Angelic Pretty Tartan Winter Coat
$300 $240 Shipped to US
/Canada (Overseas, please inquire- it's very heavy, and I have to check shipping costs)
A beautiful Winter coat by AP, great for either classic or sweet! Grab it now, and you won't have to go running around looking for a coat when Winter hits. Removeable front bow, and removeable faux fur cuffs and collar. Worn only once, no flaws. (Note: second pic is from the user I purchased it from)
Bust: Measures at 34, but I think it can fit an inch or two larger, since I'm a 34 and it is a bit loose in the bust on me
Waist: 30 or 31

SecretShop Black Double-Strap Shoes
$50 $40 Shipped within Canada only
Size L
A bit of scuffing around toes, but otherwise in great shape!

Cyperous Brown Wig
$60 $48 Shipped to US/Canada
Only tried on once, and decided I didn't like the feel of wearing a wig! Comes with the original wig cap and hair nets it arrived with, along with a free wig stand. More info here.


The items below are free with a purchase (at the moment, I'm ONLY offering them with a purchase). The larger pieces of fabric might add to the shipping cost of your item.

Pic 1: Assorted offbrand headbows (all still available), hello kitty brand non-prescription glasses
Pic 2: Assorted fabrics and fabric scraps (I don't know the measurements, but the bottom three tartans are probably each enough to make a skirt- no promises, though). From the top: cupcake print scrap, tea party print scrap, high quality black velvet scrap, red tulle small piece, kona animals at play print scrap, white stretch piece, pink tartan larger piece, red tartan larger piece, blue tartan larger piece. I am in the middle of a move, and unable to measure these at the moment or provide any more detailed pics- this is why I'm offering them for free. Please don't ask me to measure these pieces. (^_^)

Feel free to comment with any questions. ^^ Please no PMs!
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