lavenderlillies (lavenderlillies) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: AP sweet jam sundress in black

My feedback:
I prefer to use Paypal.
Shipping is included in the price. 
I prefer to trade within North America because of the cost of international shipping.
I'm open to a lot of brand items as far as trades go, but if it's an op or jsk, it must fit my measurements (33" bust, 24" waist) and be long enough (I'm 5'8").   I'm prioritizing other prints in a black colorway though, but I'll definitely look at other things, particularly in white, pink, or red.  I'll accept partial trades as well.

$250 shipped and tracked in North America
$265 shipped and tracked worldwide

  bust: 34"
  waist: 27"  (If you are exactly these measurements, there will be very little breathing room)
  shoulder to waist: 12.5"
  total length: 32"

I've worn this three times, but I've decided it just fits too awkwardly and that I'd prefer something else.  It's definitely made for shorter girls - the waist is right up under my bust when I wear it.  It would probably look best on someone 5'4"ish or under.

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty

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