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DS/DT Rose Melody whitexgold chandelier set, F+F replica, plus some offbrand things!

Terms of Service/stuff you need to know
  1. No refunds, exchanges, or returns. I'll try to make pictures and descriptions as accurate as possible, so that returns/refunds/exchanges won't be necessary.
  2. I ship from Illinois. Those in the Chicagoland area are free to pick up items at an agreed destination to save on shipping.
  3. I accept paypal online (Elenoa@gmail.com), or cash/checks in person.
  4. I check my LJ frequently, but if it's urgent, feel free to email me at Elenoa@gmail.com
  5. Buyers pay for shipping and item price only, and all items are shipped with FREE tracking! That's right, no PP fees! However, prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise.
  6. Terms may change at any time.
  7. International buyers are welcomed! But please do consider the shipping/insurance fees.
  8. Items go to whoever can pay first. Leave your PP to be "in line" for an item.
  9. Here's my eglfeedback page. I've also got feedback on ebay as TerminalHeavensR.
  10. Please provide feedback if you're interested in buying something from me!
  11. LIMITED TIME ONLY: Send me a "happy customer" picture and get a 5% refund! (5% not including shipping, but it will be sent as personal payment so no one gets hit with fees. Does not apply to trades!)
  12. All items are open to trades or partial trades.

First up, Skirts!

Offbrand peasant skirt
Price: $10 $9 $7
Measurements: lenght=24in, waist=32in. US size 6.
Condition: NWOT, by a US brand named American Living. Goes well with the blue bustier I'm selling below.


Offbrand buckle blouse
Price: $10 $8
Measurements: US children's size 14, which is really a US missus size S. Bust=32in max, length=15.5in
Condition: Worn a few times. As you can see I've taken the liberty to sew some

Offbrand white blouse
Price: $9 $8
Measurements: bust=32inches, armholes=10 inches
Condition: Worn a few times. I've also sewn some lace on this one. As you can see from the photos, they don't quite match up :C It's not very noticeable unless someone stares closely though.

Offbrand blue bustier
Price: $15 $10 $8
Measurements: US size 4, bust=34in max, length (strap to bottom)=21in
Condition: NWT, has been tried on. Works well with the blue peasant skirt I'm selling above. Also by American Living.


Offbrand hime-esque shoes
Size: about US size 9 (Taiwan size 39)
Condition: Worn out once or twice, but in otherwise perfect condition! They're almost pearly white, and kept in really good condition by me.

Offbrand black mary janes by mudd
Size: Us Women's 9.5 M. They measure a little more than 10in inside in length.
Condition: Worn out like 3 times. Pretty new. Refer to the photos for some slight scuffs.


What I prefer:
-Jumper skirts/one pieces
-Floral print
-White, black, or cream
-Light pastel yellow, pink, or lavender. (NO BLUE PLEASE!)
-Classic lolita style
-Offbrand (bodyline, F+F, taobao brands)
If what you're selling is worth more than what you're trading for, I'm willing to cover a difference of up to $50 but no more than that.
For reference, my measurements are 36/29/40 (inches) Dresses need to be at least 38in long, and skirts need to be at least 25 in long.
I will only consider selling these items if I cannot find things I'd like to trade for. I will only consider trading for skirts if I cannot find things I'd like to trade for.

First up is my prized Rose Melody White x Gold Chandelier set

View better stock photos here at Qcute's shop!
Measurements: Top: Bust=35in, length=19in (from top of straps to bottom of ruffles). Skirt: waist=30in, length=28in
Condition: THESE ARE NOT BRAND NEW. I've worn them twice, for a total of no more than 24 hours. I've taken very good care of these, and as you can see the tags are still on there. I would like to trade these as a set if possible. These are in REALLY good condition, without flaws as far as I can see.
Price: It was bought at about $160. I will consider selling these for about $120 NOW FOR ONLY $100 if I cannot find something to trade for.
Special request: would like to trade for this jsk in white x gold!

Fan+Friend AP Replica

See a stock photo of the AP original here!
Measurements: Length=39in, bust=36in or a little bigger due to the shirring in the back
Condition: I bought this off ebay a year or so back from another lolita. It's not available on F+F anymore as far as I know. It's got a country lolita feel to it, and there are no flaws or stains as far as I know. I did take the lacing out of the back, but I will include those in the purchase. Worn out maybe once or twice.
Price: I bought this at about $70. I will consider selling this at $60 NOW FOR ONLY $55 if I can't find something to trade it for.
Tags: !ds, !dt, fanplusfriend, offbrand, rose melody

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