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!DS/DT: AP Frill Marine (traded)

*Will sell to the first person that can pay that has good feedback.
*Can take more measurements for serious buyers!
*Shipping is regular first class USPS.
*Can ship internationally, tracked etc. (request estimate, but international is VERY expensive tracked!).
*My eglfeedback, dbs 1, 2

DT/DS: Angelic Pretty Frill Marine OP
Navy x Red x White

(I cleaned the floor before laying the dress down :D)

All stock photo views, coordinate ideas, worn by cute AP girls, worn by me (no bib)
$270 $190 + $10 = $200 shipped within the US (including paypal fees)

*Gold embroidered "Angelic Pretty" on front (removable) bib
*Side zipper, built in petticoat
*Removable back ties with hearts

Size (website measurements)
Kidake/Kitake(?)着丈: 88 cm (34.6")
Bust: 91 cm (35.8")
Waist: 70 cm (27.6")

*This series sold out so quickly that AP did a repeat release of the JSK version in the most popular (and unusual for AP) navy colorway. It was released during a special in-store "meet Amo" event and sold only in Japan! The marine style and color is perfect for summer coordinates, and it has a very doll-like shape.

*I bought it new, wore it three times, and hand washed it (dress is hand wash only).

*DT: I'm willing to trade this for something similar to something on my wishlist of similar value (only in the brands listed), or item + money, or multiple items. I like more classical and slightly goth things, and things that I can wear in an everyday context (like cardigans, blouse, skirt). I rarely like pastels or pink.


DS: Beth by Victorian Maiden Black Cutsew *SOLD*


*This is for someone with a small bust (mine is 83 cm (33"))
*Polyester - 65%; Rayon - 35%

*Features pearl-like button closure in the back
*I've only worn it twice. It's been dry cleaned since then.

$35 $25 shipped within the US (including paypal fees)

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, beth

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