THE TANK (hellodolly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: AP Magic Show cutsew (black), AP knit cardigan (black), BTSSB cherry headbow, AATP choker, ETC!!

Feel free to make offers, but I am not taking trades.
All prices include shipping within the US
Thanks for looking!

AP Magic Show cutsew (black)

Price: $120
Condition: Only worn several times. No imperfections.
Measurements: I have a 34" bust and a 28" waist and it could definitely stretch more both ways.
Proof/worn photo

AP knit cardgian (black)

Price: $50
Condition: The top button is knotted closed. I received it this way when I bought it off of y!J.
Size: My bust is 34" but it can definitely go larger.
Notes: Even though it's knotted closed, you can still get it over your head and put it on T-shirt style.

BTSSB Cherry headbow

Price: $40
Condition: Never worn, I got this as a free gift from a tea party.

Candy necklace

Price: $12
Condition: Worn a couple of times.
Size comparison

BTSSB hair thingy

Price: $15
Condition: Worn a couple of times.
Size comparison

AATP choker

Price: $40
Condition: Worn a couple of times.

Black BTSSB hairties, White Metamorphose crown hairties, Offwhite AP wristcuffs

Price: $20 each
Condtion: Each has been worn a couple of times.

Chocomint brooch/bracelet set (dark pink).

Price: $ 15 (with shipping)
Proof & size comparison

Hello Kitty Pouchette

Price: $30

Condition: NWOT
Notes: It's the same size as an AP pouchette
Close up
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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