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DS/DT/WTB: Angelic Pretty Items *reduced* + Looking for AP Items ~

Old Feedback Screencap

Screen Cap from LoliGothDBS

Link to Text Only Version of Old Feedback

New Personal Feedback Page

~ Shipping from New York, USA
~ Because of my living situation, sometimes shipping could take as long as 2 - 3 weeks. If you are looking to get something fast, please tell me the situation so we can work it out. Thank you.
~ All items don't include shipping, but I'm willing to include shipping in some of the prices depending on where you are.
~ I am always willing to haggle prices, but it depends on the offer.
~ Unless specified, I'm only looking for sales
~ Paypal is the used payment. 


Angelic Pretty Crown Parka in White w/ Pink
Waist: 30 inch MAX
Bust: 33 inch MAX
This was previously owned before I bought it, but I only wore it once and for about 40 minutes at the most. It's in almost perfect condition, but is missing the bow string at the neck line.
$85 or Trade with the following Cutsews/Parkas/Cardigans in my Wishlist here

Angelic Pretty Candy Fairy JSK in Pink
This is a pretty rare JSK from Angelic Pretty. I bought it through auctions on Yahoo Japan! without knowing much about its worth. Because of that I didn't realize that it was missing the center detachable bow + the bow clip for the strap on the side as soon in the picture. It also came without waist ties. I bought it for around $215 (including shipping) and other then it's missing parts it's in perfect condition. 
Bust and Waist: FULLY SHIRRED. The shirring is excellent with this, and had a lot of room with my measurements (36/31)
Length: 35 inches.
$195 or Trade for one of the dresses on my Wishlist here

I'm also willing to look at items not on my wishlist, but only if they are Angelic Pretty or Baby (I'd even look at good quality replicas, but would only consider them partial trades)

Want to Buy:
I'm looking for any of the new Wonder Cookie, Jelly Jewelry or Milky Planet accessories. I'm also looking for a blue/sax blouse or cardigan ~ Angelic Pretty or Offbrand like Dear Celine (NO BODYLINE) only ~
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