Kate Madalene (neppa) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kate Madalene

DS: Innocent World Blouse, HMHM Vest

-Paypal only please
-All prices in USD, and include shipping within the US
-I will sell the item to the first person who can pay full price
-I don't do holds or trades, sorry
-I'll ship anywhere, but remember the cost will be higher outside of the US
-Here is my feedback page

1. Innocent World Antique Rose Blouse, Size L, White - $112 shipped within US
Brand new, bought straight from the website. Only been tried on once. The measurements listed on the website are incorrect, so this does not fit me at all :( It is a really beautiful blouse though, I so wish I could keep it.

Bust = 36"/37"
Waist = 27"/28"
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3

2. HMHM Vest - $28 shipped within US
Bought through Mashimaro Girl and they managed to screw my measurements up beyond all reason. It's such a lovely vest but I have to accept that it will only fit me if I remove my ribcage XD Brand new.

Bust = 33"
Waist = 25"
Detail 1 (Best view of color)
Detail 2
Detail 3
Tags: !ds, innocent world

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