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Jackie M

DS: lots of ss socks and ap replicas jsks, and ops!

be back at 1-2am eastern sorry for delay in replies

Please read:

* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal
* i take paypal and Canadian online bank transfer ONLY ^_^
* prices will be given in USD
* paypal fees are 3.5% for canada, 4.5% anywhere else. you may also send it to me as a gift without fees ^_^
* i can ship items as gifts and lower value, however any tags with prices will have to be removed.
*if you buy multiple items, you can save on shipping and a get a bit of a discount!
*if you have any other questions please ask!

PLEASE allow up 2-4 days for me to ship to you depending on how fast paypal transfers the payment.



All socks are 10 dollars, shipping to North America is 7 air, and Europe is 7 for surface, if you want more options or if your buying more than one pair discounts for shipping are available. No discount on multiple pairs of socks though because stock is limited at the moment.


milky chan replicas:
black * 4
white * 3
pink * 3

ap candy replicas:
black *1
blue* SOLD OUT
pink *1
white * 1

pony socks
white *SOLD OUT
pink *SOLD OUT
Black * 1 (sorry forgot i had it~ hence why its not in the photo)


all of the dresses are over stock from a store in toronto and are base wholesale prices if you buy more than one i might be able to give you a bit of a deal.  I WILL ALSO TAKE OFFERS FOR THESE DRESSES like i said it's over stock that just needs to go!

AP miracle candy replica jsks

fits 32-38 bust, 24-30 waist, hips free.length is about 34in, i dont suggest anyone much bigger, smaller is fine you can tighten with ties in the back.
$ 75 each


Pink * 5+
Black * 5+
Blue * 5+
Red * 5+



ideal size is 36 bust, 28/29 waist. length is 34 in as well. Might be able to go a inch or so bigger, and can be tightened much smaller with ties.
$ 85 each


Black * 5+
Red * 5+
possible stock of pink and blue please ask if your interested!

more detailed photos, not mine

royal poodle replica

Size is the same as the other op, might be a bit more flexible in size to like 38, sorry for the lack of photos, i'm still digging to find them!
$85 each!


pink * 5+
blue * 5+

thanks for looking! more stuff up soon!! i have bracelets and bows, and brand new top hats to come soon!!!!
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