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DS/DT: bodyline, publication, WTT/WTB: handbag, petti, bloomers, blouses, jewelry, umbrella

rare bodyline wa-loli three-piece, plus size friendly

detail; outfit flat x kimono x kimono open x skirt x elasticity x print x sleeve x back x obi x set

This is a rare, discontinued wa-loli three piece set from bodyline. Set contains skirt, kimono, and obi. It fits a wide variety of sizes, as both the waist on the skirt and the waist on the obi are fully elasticized. I only wore this once, and it's been gathering dust in my closet for over a year, so I thought it was time to part with it. Note: one of the straps in the obi is missing :( so, unlike the picture where she has two, only one will be in the package.

Length when worn properly: 32in/83cm
Sleeve length: 23in/58cm
Shoulder length: Up to 20in/51cm
Min waist: 25in/66cm
Max waist: 40in/102cm (fully elasticized)
Min bust: 36in/91cm
Max bust: 42in/106cm
Skirt length: 22in/54cm

USD $45 shipped, international buyers inquire

english gothic and lolita bible vol. 4, patterns missing



will trade for or buy!

- a sweet loli or sweet loliable handbag for $25 shipped or less (ETA: I am moving to Memphis, TN, which is basically the southern Detroit. I need a bag with a zipper, with enough handle so that I can put my arm through it and keep it close to my body, but not a completely over the shoulder bag because apparently people run around with box cutters and purse snatch that way) GOT IT, THANKYOU
- a white or offwhite petticoat that can fit a 32" waist (also wtc) for $30 shipped or less GOT IT, THANK YOU
- a pair of short bloomers that can fit a 32" waist and a 45" hip (lol shakira, also wtc) for $20 shipped or less
- a white blouse that accomodates a 39" bust/32" waist for $25 shipped or less
- deco jewelry! more looking to trade on this front since I can make my own :) GOT IT, THANK YOU
- umbrella that's loliesque in some way. I have a parasol, but I need an umbrella that actually functions because I live in a place with very heavy rainfall. Looking for something in the $20 shipped or less range, since I can find stuff on amazon and eBay that fit this description. Preferably a light color!

fuuuu important things :|

- I live in the US, and US buyers get priority
- I will ship as cheaply as possible unless you ask for a specific shipping method
- If you have a question and you do not feel comfortable asking me in the comment box, EMAIL ME at bubblepopxxxx@gmail.com, do not PM me.
- Paypal only, fee specified per sale
- Not responsible for lost packages if insurance is not purchased
- I am a nonsmoker, but have a cat.
- EGL Feedback page (+3, ~0, -0) and GSJ feedback page (+9, ~0, -0)
Tags: !ds, !wtb, bodyline, offbrand

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