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DS: Taking offers

    First off my feedback

EGL --->  
My LJ ----->

Also please be aware I do own 2 cats a black cat & white cat for anyone with allergies. 


 Shipping Info

Buyer is responsible for shipping + paypal fees unless noted otherwise!
Shipping will be provided via USPS w/ delivery confirmation!
I am not responsible for lost packages but i do always make labels through paypal so i will always have proof of postage.
International Shipping is expensive and rates usually start at $15+

Please provide you zipcode or state along with paypal address
First to leave paypal gets the item, no holds unless there is a deposit, trades may be considered but money has priority .

Feel free to haggle but please be reasonable


BL high collar red tartan blouse w/ velvet ribbons

 AP Plastic Headband
Offbrand Mini TopHat
$10 shipped w/in USA 

Underbust Corset
$50shipped w/in USA 
Free size
Color: Black/Violet


 Gothic Velvet Top
Originally bought at Trash&Vaudeville (BF got it)
$25shipped w/in USA

Bust: 36in
Waist: 30in
May fit a bout an inch or so more


Angelic Pretty Cutsew
BNWT $70shipped w/in USA
Bust: 36max
Waist: 30in

Its the white x pink version

  Btssb Postcards
$3 shipped w/in USA
Please select which one you want (# 1 through 4)
1. Alice & kitty
2. Egg

Metamorphose Cat OP in blue

   My photo 


Thank You for looking, if you have any questions feel free to ask :D

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