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DS, DT BL heart buckle replicas, SS Shoes, AATP Marine Rose Jsk, IW Carousel Skirt, much more

 Rule of engagement :
  • No holds without a non-refundable deposit
  • First to drop paypal get it
  • Feel free to make reasonable offers.
  • If you make an OBO, i will bill you in 24hours depending on other offers I get
  • I am very selective about my trades, but feel free to make offers
  • I ALWAYS ship next available day, unless I contact you earlier about not being able to
  • The prices all include shipping and tracking in the us, for intl. inquire (tracking is expensive, and i have to)
  • I only accept paypal unless you live really close to me and arrange a meetup
  •  I have Feedback Here
  • And as always, thank for looking and feel free to ask questions! :)
Here we go!

Angelic Pretty Blouse

Condition: In very good condition. It has been cleaned
Size: Fits a 36" bust, there is shirring.
Color: White with pink ribbons and crystal button
Price: sold

F+F Pirate Blouse

Condition: In very good condition. It has been cleaned. Please note that black neck tie is not included.
Size: Fits a 36" Without gapping, there is shirring in the back
Color: White
Price:  sold

Innocent World Carousel Skirt

Condition: I bought is damaged, but i fixed it.
Size: MAX 30" waist. Anything else will be uncomfortable
Color: Brown
Price: 80 shipped - SOLD

Aatp Marine Rose Jsk

Condition: I am the first owner, very good condition.
Size: Max Must 36".
Color: Blue
Price: 110 Shipped - SOLD

Bl Heart Buckle Replica

Condition: Worn once, very good condition
Size: 24.5 cm very accurate.
Color: Pink
Price: 37 Shipped - SOLD

SS Strap Shoes
Condition: Only worn once
Size: 24.5 accurate.
Color: Red
Price: SOLD

Alice and The Pirate Skull Crown

Condition: Excellent. Worn once, but has been cleaned with rubbing alcohol since.
Color: Bronze-y gold
Price: SOLD

Betsey Johnson Socks

Condition: Only tried on briefly
Color: off white with red/or pink accents
Price: 6 per pair shipped
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, bodyline, fanplusfriend, offbrand

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