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!DS: Handmade classic skirt, offbrand socks

~Paypal only, please!
~I don't smoke, but I do have a dog in the house, in case anyone is allergic.
~I have feedback on ebay under mylittlewolfie, and on eglfeedback  here
~Prices do not include shipping, unless otherwise stated. Please comment with your location to get shipping estimate.
~I will ship within 4 days of receiving payment.
~Please let me know if you have any questions!

1. Rosaline Classic Skirt (with free matching headbow): $30 OBO $25 OBO

I made this skirt about a year ago, and I've worn it about twice. I finally decided that it just isn't really my style. It is unlined and please note that the waist band has no shirring, so the measurements are the absolute maximum.

Waist: 26.5" max
Hips: Free, though the side zipper is kind of short, so you wouldn't want to go with a hip measurement more than about 36"
Length: 19.5" from the top of the waistband



Closeup of fabric and lace:

Closeup of side closure:

Inside out:

Closeup of inside of waistband:

Matching Headbow

2. Blue and Pink Argyle socks: $4
It's hard to tell with the way it photographed, but there is both a lighter pink and a slightly darker shade. These have never been worn, they've just been sitting in my drawer for about a year. (Picture without the flash)

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