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DS: rosechocolat pink maryjanes (US 6), Tokidoki canrival print bag

Hello! ♥ I have a couple things to sell to you! ;)

♪ prices are in USD
♪ I accept paypal only
♪ I'm located in Canada
♪ SHIPPED prices include shipping to Canada or USA. If you wish to purchase something & live elsewhere, I will calculate a new shipping total for you. :)
feel free to make reasonable offers!

2. Rose Chocolat pink maryjanes with bow clips US size 6

These are the 'Aris' style shoes from rosechocolat. They're size 230, which is about a size 6 US. Adorable shoes, but I have super narrow feet, so they're too big on me! They're made out of nice, real leather, & have a low walkable heel. The bows are removable, so you can remove them, or put them anywhere on the shoes.

I wore these shoes outside once, so there's slight wear on the soles. There's also a small scuff on the inner side of one of the shoes. It's not noticeable at all when worn, & I couldn't get it to show up in photos.

I bought these for $120 plus $30 for shipping originally.

Price: $60 plus shipping ($80 SHIPPED)
Shipping for these is expensive because they are heavy & should be mailed in a box. If I end up being able to ship them for cheaper, I can refund the difference to you. :)

2. Tokidoki Carnival 'sorriso' style bag

This is a stock image. I'll be taking pictures of the exact bag you will be getting tomorrow. :)

This is an AUTHENTIC sorrisso style bag by Tokidoki, in the Carnival print. I wish I could justify keeping this, but I've only used it once. I prefer handbags to shoulder bags, so I never use this one ~ This bag has an adorable print placement featuring the carousel, haunted house, SANDy hot air balloon, & ferris wheel. I believe this was the last ultra popular tokidoki print that sold out in stores.

I honestly don't know how much this is worth anymore, & I'm on the fence about selling it, so I'm taking offers & we'll see how it goes. ^_^; I do know how much Tokidoki bags cost generally, & there are other style bags in this print on eBay, so please make reasonable offers only. I will ignore any comments with offers that are obviously way too low.

Price: make an offer.

EGL feedback community: here
Screenshots of old loligoth dbs page: 1 2 3 4 5

Thanks for looking!
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