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DS: Angelic Pretty ribbon handbag reduced 20%

Terms of sale:

Prices are in USD
I do not charge paypal fees.
Shipping is from New Zealand - I refuse to use anything other than EMS shipping if the item's cost is over $200USD. For everything else, I send by airmail, which is quick and reliable. Airmail parcels typically take 7-10  days to arrive at their destination.
Feedback: 70+ positive at egl feedback under the username 'osea-chelleo'
My feedback is excellent so I expect you to have the same. When inquiring to purchase, please provide a link to your feedback. Negative feedback or no legitimate feedback = no sale, sorry.
My belongings are well looked after. I am extremely meticulous (bordering on OCD) when it comes to cleanliness.
No trades, and no holds at this time. I am willing to negotiate payment plans for certain items.
If more than one person indicates interest in an item, priority goes to the person who first commits with their paypal address and/or can make the full payment upfront.

I accept reasonable offers! I need this stuff sold and out of my closet,  so make offers!!

Angelic Pretty Hashigo ribbon handbag

This bag is a necessity for every practical lolita. Not only is it mighty cute with its scallops, and ribbon-pearl chain detail...but it fits a LOT inside. I used this last year at uni to carry my diary, wallet, makeup case, and textbooks about and it held up perfectly fine.

It has four separate sections inside. One main section, one cellphone pocket, another small pocket and a side pocket. Like I said, it's very practical, and holds closed with a little button-clip.

I'd keep this bag if it weren't for the fact that I recently purchased a boston bag and prefer that style to this one. I found that I was no longer using this, so I'd like it to go to a home where it will loved and used plenty. :)

Used multiple times but well looked after, no scratches or major scuffing at all. Has years of life left in it.

The condition is pretty apparent in the photographs, it's very good. The larger pocket inside the bag has a little bit of a yellow tint along the top, from having suncream on my arm when I reached into the pocket, but it is unnoticeable unless you stare avidly into the bag. Trust me, no one will know it's there and it doesn't affect the functionality of the bag.

Length - 27cm
Height -  21cm, 38cm including handles.
Depth - 8.5cm

Price: SOLD!

Shipping cost (Airmail): USA $20 UK $22 South America $24
The shipping cost is an estimate...the bag is pretty bulky (handles do not fold down) and heavy. If shipping ends up costing less than this, I will refund the buyer the difference.


Thanks for looking! (and cookies for those who endured my waffling...)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

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