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DS/T: Sugary Carnival Special JSK in Black

Here is my feedback on EGL :3
And here is even more feedback on my journal.

I've fallen for a new release from Meta, so it's worth it to clear the closet out a bit in order to get it. I hope these rarer prints strike someone's fancy, so two lolis can both have new dream dresses. :3

I ship from 96818 USA. I save all my USPS receipts in case anything comes up during a transaction.

My terms of sale:

+ Paypal only for all items over $50. Buyer can send money as gift or will be charged Paypal fees.

+ I tend to sell to the first person who leaves their Paypal address regardless of how many questions someone asks.

+ I prefer US buyers but will accept International; I will charge the Priority Flate Rate since I can never weigh things correctly at home to quote otherwise. :T

+ Shipping not included in the price **unless otherwise noted. I will quote you by location/zip code (see above).

+ Immediate payment required, either full balance or with a deposit. I do short-term holds/layaways with immediate deposit.

+ I am not responsible for items lost in the mail once they have left my possession.

Item #1:

Angelic Pretty "Sugary Carnival" Special Set JSK + Chocomint Fuzzy Star pin (pink; not pictured; new. Gift for purchasing.)

Description: AP's Sugary Carnival Jumperskirt in the black colorway. The bow in the front is has pearls tacked to it, and there is soft dotted tulle lace on the bottom. The back has a partial panel of shirring as well as ribbon corseting. There is a side zipper (not invisible). The fabric is light and comfortable for Summer.

Condition: I'm the second owner and I've never worn it, I haven't had the occasion. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who prefers to wear my favorite prints all the time, and I haven't been collecting many accessories to match this...

Sizing:The measurements of this dress for the best fit would be: 36" bust or smaller, 30" waist or smaller. Given the shirring it could accommodate a bit more, but for the sake of the garment and pulling on seams I wouldn't recommend it.

Price: This was previously listed for trade with a suggestion for Direct Sale offers. It is now listed for sale at $200 (I paid $220 and never wore it.) Still accepting trade offers, unless I've declined them all ready.

= - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =

am usually very open-minded to trades/partial trades.

I am against all-pink, in MOST cases, but not always. I don't really wear skirts or socks.

Here are some items I'd especially love.

<== !!

Thanks for looking, and have a good evening.
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