Ayu ★ Fucker (sgtspud) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Ayu ★ Fucker

DS: lilac crystal hairbow/brooch, rose pieces

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• If what you like is sold out, I can commission similar things, since I make these all.

★ Blue polka dot skirt and headbow set- SOLD

• Recommended 25-34" waist, 21" length
• Model is 5'5"
• Little ribbons at side seams
• Headbow not sewn down, so you can position it as you like, 6" across at widest

☆ Pastel crystal hairclip/brooch- $8.55

On a wig head
• 6" across
• Real crystals
• Mounted on both a hairclip and a brooch back

★ Black rose hairclip/brooch- $11.65 (on hold)

• 3.5" across
• Real red crystals, buttons, black chain
• Mounted on both a hairclip and a brooch back

☆ Grey/pink rose hairclip/brooch- $11.65

• 3.5" across
• Real pink crystals, glittery foam bow
• Mounted on both a hairclip and a brooch back
Tags: !ds, handmade

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