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DS: Milky-chan replica JSK! WTB: Milky-chan from AP!

Hello yet again, EGL! : )

X I'm shipping from Finland! The shipping for items listed starts from 2,50€ without tracking/insurance.
X Will do international shipping of course!
X I have feedback at eBay, eglfeedback and my personal journal . I've done a few succesful sales around LJ as well.
X I will gladly provide more pictures for you - all you have to do is ask! : )
X As for items on sale, make offers if you're not pleased with the price.


DollScrops "Milky-chan" replica - Mint colored JSK (including Secret Shop knee-lenght socks!)
I'm kind of sad to see this piece go, but after recieving and wearing this jumper skirt a couple of times, I've kinda come to the conclusion that it isn't my style after all. It has no flaws that I could notice after going trhough it, aside from the stains that are located in the other detachable waist tie. I've not tried to remove the stains, but I would do so before sending the garment out, if the buyer wishes so! The JSK is also a tad bigger than what I requested when I ordered it, and thanks to the bit of shirring, waist ties and the string tied to the back, the JSK can fit a variety of sizes. The measurements taken flat are the following; waist: 14.5 inches / bust: 17 inches / lenght: (from shoulder to hem) 36,5inches The jewelry on the front and all the bows are detachable! :3

The stain. Got it when I sat down on a chair at a covention. :<

Aaand~! I shall include these socks into the deal if someone is intrested! :) They ahve been worn a couple of times, and show a bit of wear in the foot area, but they ahve been washed and stored for some time now. The price for the whole set would be 110 USD shipped worldwide! :> (Oh, and I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures. My camera operating skills are non-existant)

[WANT TO BUY] (this is a bit of a feeler at this point)

If the above set sells, I would be intrested in buying one of my dream dresses!
Name your dress and name your price! :)

- "Milky-chan Ribbon" JSK in black or white
- "Milky-chan" OP in black or white
(possibly brown too)
Also intrested in sets!

I'm currently not intrested in the jewelry nor applique version of  the JSK, thank you! :)
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