super_moogles (super_moogles) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Off Brand Pink Sailor Dress

Hello there! Thank you for viewing my sales!

Okay, here are the rules:
I do not ship internationally any longer. Prices are just too high for me I'm afraid.
I take Paypal.
I do not do holds.
I have feedback here:

I think that's it O_O

Okay, so I picked this up the other day, and, being stupid, I didn't try it on. It is too small in the bust and arm areas, so it must be gone. My measurements are 36-28-36 or something, and the bust is WAY to tight. I would not recommend this dress for anyone with a bust even remotely close to the size of mine. This dress will fit someone extremely small. There is a bit of elastic in the back, so there is a little bit of room, but the fabric has no give.

Here is a picture:

The original price was 50 dollars. I just ripped the tag off before trying it on (I was having an off day, obviously). I can actually include the tag if you want! xD Please make an offer based on this fact. I'm not looking to get it back, but I would like something for it!

Other sales:

Thank you for viewing! ♥


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