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{ DS! Bodyline Heart Apron // BTSSB Usakumya Keychain }


♥ I ship from Vancouver, Canada
♥ All prices listed include shipping to the Canada/US
♥ Prices DO NOT include applicable Paypal fees. Use This especially helpful to estimate the Paypal Fees!~
♥ My home has a cat! She doesn't go roaming in my lolita stuff, but just to let you know.
♥  Paypal Only! I prefer Instant Transfer. :D
♥ I'll be shipping with Canada Post regular parcel. I use Bubble Mailers, please let me know if you have any other posting preferences!
♥ I DO accept trades, though I prefer BTSSB and perhaps a pair of AP wristcuffs; show me what you've got. :D
♥ Here is my feedback @


BTSSB Usakumya Cellphone Strap//Keychain - Pink {New;; bought off recently here on the sales community, but I would much rather own a white one! Will gladly direct trade for a white keychain!}
$26 USD Shipped + PP fees   {SOLD!!}


Yellow Stain Close Up   &   Reversible Heart   &   Skirt Close Up
Bodyline Children Heart Apron Jsk - White {New with tags;; bought a looooong time ago off a user here, but never used it! Somehow it acquired a small yellow stain on the bottom skirt ruffle about 1cm in diameter. It really isn't noticeable, and one might be able to remove it! I haven't tried though~The heart piece on the top is reversible AND removable! The bow is detachable. :3 The skirt is really, really full and is almost fully shirred. Can fit a max 38 inch waist!}
$40 USD Shipped + PP fees   {SOLD!!}


{ OLD Sales Here!!~ Two Bodyline Blouses // Secret Shop Socks Still Available }

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, secret shop
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