Karly (amakago) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: 20% reduction on Demonia shoes

★ Shipping is from Southern California
★ Shipping is not included in the price
★ I accept PAYPAL (International / US) and CONCEALED CASH (US only)
★ Items can be held for a maximum of three days
★ Serious buyers only. Please tell me if you not interested anymore or the item goes to next buyer!
★ Once an item is shipped, I am not responsible for them
★ No refunds or backing out once payment is made!
★ I try to ship every Saturday! (Sometimes sooner)
★ My email is jaejoongies@hotmail.com if you are uncomfortable doing transactions on here
★ You do not have to pay the PayPal fees ^^

Demonia mary-jane shoes
Size: Size 10 (US) (26 cm)
Price: $25 $20 $16 $14 $11.20

Cute Putumayo rabbit hoodie, Maxicimam catalog and two cheap polo shirts still for sale T_T:

Tags: !ds, offbrand

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