rurouniinugirl (rurouniinugirl) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Wtb wrist cuffs and parasol.


I am looking to buy wrist cuffs similar to the heart lace ones on BtSSB's site, and a parasol too.

I am looking for something like these, I prefer white x white!

Examples of what I am looking for:


However, something like this would be great too! As long as it is white x pink.

But pink x pink like this would be a last resort... but I will consider it, depending on the amount of responses.

Parasol wise, I am looking for something similar to these, in white/off white.


I prefer brand, it does not have to be Baby, I am just looking for something that is gorgeous, and am looking for quality. (:

I will also be able to pay you through paypal.


I don't really have feed back, sorry!

Ebay Feedback


EGL Feedback (none really lol...)

Thank you for your time.

Tags: !wtb

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