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DS: putumayo, offbrand

I did some closet cleaning recently and am looking to get rid of a few things I no longer wear. First is a putumayo bunny ear sweater and tank that I bought as a set but never really wore. The sweater is wool and does have one small hole (see detail pic.). I did wear the sweater once or twice but I think the damage is from moving after college. The tank has never been worn. I tried it on once and found it much smaller than I'd hoped. I'd like about $50 for the set but will definately take offers as a set or separately. back : print detail : damage detail : This sweater has attached mittens that hold up with a loop and button on the top of the sleeve. It still fits me and I measure around a 41" bust and 32" waist. If you need further measurments let me know. print detail: tag detail (the color is off here because it was a devil to photograph): This tank has long ties that are meant to cross over at the chest and tie behind the neck. It has very little stretch and is probably best for someone on the smaller side. Again if you need measurments let me know. Next I have one of the old Hot Topic AP/BtSSB knockoff dresses. This is tagged size XL. I bought it probably 3 years ago and just never wore it. It has no damage or marks but does have a few loose strings. Im not sure what this is worth anymore so please make an offer (I'm not looking for a whole lot though). back: You'll see behind it is another of the same dress that I tried to dye. The dye was supposed to be black but made most of the lace a charcoal grey and didnt even tint the thread. If anyone is interested in this let me know and I can post some pictures. I'd prefer to ship these things within the US and will only ship with tracking information. For anyone outside of the US please contact me. I have ebay feedback here: and my email is
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