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DS/DT handmade jewellery, Headdress and Commission service!

Hi Everybody !
Here are my sellings ! infos:
All items are shipped from FRANCE
All prices are in EUROS
Shipping and paypal fees ARE NOT included
I'm not responsible for degradations and losses during shipping
I accept trades ! feel free to propose me !
Imake a reduction if you take several items  !

I take commissions for:

Headdresses, Hair accessories
Maybe JSK (contact me for conditions)

All for Pullip Dolls too!
accessories, clothes, cosplays etc etc

Contact me for pictures of what I already did !


Never worn (only for the picture)
Great finitions

Other colors available on demand (commission)!

Macaron Necklace = 12€ for 1

 Macaron Vert Macaron Violet 

Tart Necklace = 6€ for 1

 Tarte aux Fraises Tarte aux Kiwis tarte Tutti Fruti Tarte à l'orange

Cream Cake Necklace = 12€ for 1
Hello Kitty one is 15€

 Gâteau à la crème marron Gâteau à la crème Hello Kitty Gâteau à la crème bleu

  Little Jar Chain Necklace = 15€ for 1

1. "Message In A Bottle" - 2. "Little Rainbow Crystals" - 3. "Rainbow Pearls" - 4."Little Fairy with Powder" - 5."My Heart"

 Fiole Cristaux Fiole Rainbow Fiole fée

  Luxury Biscuit Chain Necklace = 15€ for 1

 Biscuit Luxe Rose Biscuit Luxe Marron

  Lollipop Necklace = 12€ for 1

Lollipop Rose Lollipop orange

  Luxury Crystal Big Pendant Necklace = 25€

 Gros pendentif

  Crystal Pendant Chain Necklaces = 18€ for 1 
Hello Kitty = 20€

 Poisson Coupe de Glace Hello Kitty

  Crystal Chain Necklace = 15€ 


  12€ Each Below 

Noeud Jaune Cerises Cookie

  10€ Each Below 

Biscuit à la crème

  9€ Each Below 


Chocolat Carré de fleurs

  8€ Below 

Ciel Bleu

  15€ Each Below 

Coffee Time Papillons 2

  12€ Each Below 

Cubes Turquoises Coeurs Millefiori

  10€ Each Below

Papillons 1 Biscuits

  8€ Each Below

Oranges Fleurs Noires Fleurs blanches Fleurs Rainbow

  Big Red Cabochon Ring = 20€ 

Gros Rubis

  18€ Each Below  

Coeurs Roses Coeurs Cristal

  15€ Each Below  

Damier Fleurs Tourbillon

  12€ Each Below  

Baroque Baroque

  10€ Each Below  

Strass Boule blanche

  Rainbow Crystals Chain Earrings = 20€  


  18€ Each Below  

Pompons Noirs

  15€ Each Below  

Papillons Fleurs Bleues Fleurs violettes Fleurs Cristal Fleurs Noires

  12€ Each Below  

Coeurs Violets Coeurs Rouges

  Biscuit Strass Earrings = 10€ 


  10€ Each Below 

Rouge et noir Fleurs roses

  8€ Each Below 

Etoile  Orange

Etoile orange Cookie Glace marron Macaron glace jaune Macaron Lollipop orange

Glace Lollipop bleu Macaron orange Boule verte Boule rose Boule bleue

Tags: !ds, !dt, handmade

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