annuchii (annuchii) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: sex pot revenge t-shirt , liz lisa things, tralala, secret shop socks

Hi! <3
I'm looking for some things to buy ^-^
I'm interested in Sex Pot Revenge T-shirts like this one:

in size S or M.
Also, I'm interested in cheap Liz Lisa and Tralala clothes, so show me what you've got ^___^~!

I'm looking for Secret Shop socks, too.
I want them in pink and white colours!

I can only buy things shipped from EU, I'm sorry~

My feedback :  here
I know there is written that my feedback is 0%, that's because I didn't buy anything for a long time, but you can read the comments ^^'
Tags: secret shop, sex pot revenge

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