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{ DS! Closet Cleaning~~ Bodyline; Angelic Pretty; BTSSB, Secret Shop}


♥ I ship from Vancouver, Canada
♥ All prices listed include shipping to the Canada/US
♥ Prices DO NOT include applicable Paypal fees. Use This especially helpful to estimate the Paypal Fees!~
♥ My home has a cat! She doesn't go roaming in my lolita stuff, but just to let you know.
♥  Paypal Only! I prefer Instant Transfer. :D
♥ I'll be shipping with Canada Post regular parcel. I use Bubble Mailers, please let me know if you have any other posting preferences!
♥ I DO accept trades, though I prefer BTSSB and perhaps a pair of AP wristcuffs; show me what you've got. :D
♥ Here is my feedback @


Bodyline Headbow - Blue
(NEW with tags, still in original packaging)
$15 USD Shipped + PP fees   {SOLD!!}

Bodyline Poodle Skirt - Blue (NEW with tags; quite wrinkled because of DHL shipping. D:, but still wonderful! Needs ironing)
Length 57 cm
Waist 64-82 cm
$36 USD Shipped + PP fees   {SOLD!!l}

Close Up   &    Back
Bodyline Cutsew-Blouse - Mint** (NEW with tags - taken out of bag to examine;; I was so excited to get this blouse, but the colour settings in my laptop foiled me again! This blouse is MINT//bluegreen colour. Very lovely, but just does not fit my wardrobe. The lace is BEAUTIFUL.)  
Length 49 cm
Bust 86 cm
Shoulder Length 34 cm
Sleeve Length 21/40 cm
$30 USD Shipped  + PP fees

Close Up
Bodyline Ribbon Blouse - White (NEW without tags; I just found the collar to be too big for my taste, although it is a lovely blouse!~ Probably need to be ironed since it is a bit wrinkled from storage)
Length 53 cm
Bust 86 cm
Shoulder Length 34 cm
Sleeve Length 24 cm

$35 USD Shipped + PP fees

BTSSB Headbow - Off White (Bought USED, never used by me, in good condition. The Bow itself is in PERFECT condition, but the inside of the headband has some stains from dyed hair perhaps? I've tried to capture it here and here, these are NOT VISIBLE when worn. :D)
$25 USD Shipped + PP fees    {SOLD!!}

Angelic Pretty Cutlery Pochette - White (Bought USED; Used once by myself. In good condition! The belt buckle has a bit of scratches on it, but the actual pochette section is in excellent condition! There are no scuffs to note, although the bag could use a bit of a wipe with a damp towel from shipping. It has a cute strawberry charm as the zipper pull! )
♥ $65 USD Shipped + PP fees    {SOLD!!}


Secret Shop Socks - White (NEW in package!~ They don't really suit me unfortunately, only tried on for a couple seconds.)
$10 USD Shipped + PP fees

**Lovely Dividers by m_miu
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