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DS/DT: NWT bodyline items, and now offering TAOBAO/CHINA shopping service ^_^

* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal
* current location : Toronto
* shipping : via canada post i'll give you 3 options, i recommend the one with tracking obviously..
* trades: yes, i'm looking for ss socks and shoes, as well as i'll really look at anything always, white or black bloomers would be sweet too.
* paypal only, no holds because it's not expensive items.pp fees are 3.5% for canada and 4.5% for anywhere else
* pick up for local girls is available but i warn it's hard right now cuz i'm leaving in 2 weeks
* prices in USD


i bought both these items thinking they were a much lighter pink and they weren't the colour i wanted so now i'm selling them for same price i paid with bodyline. never even taken out of the plastic i just got them today lol..my proof if me in the photos ^_^

i also have items here still from bttsb and offbrand.


Bodyline pink bloomers:

(please note it's not these ones but it looks identical to these ones)

size  up to 90cm waist
asking 22 +shipping

Bodyline pink horse purse:



Taobao or china shopping service

open from may 30- june 16th you can send me orders now i just cannot place them until may 30th

i'm going to be in china for over a month but i obviously have to give sellers time to ship to me in china~ i am in nanjing from may 30th- june 24th thats way there is plenty of time (16-24th for shipping)after that i'm moving around too much to get packages.

i'm offering two options, please note option two is only available to girl in the toronto ontario area, and can pick it up from .


Option 1

 i can do a standard taobao service and chinese shopping service, buy it, wait til it ships to me, and than ship it to you. @ 15% fee

example of fees:

((items cost  * 15% )+ shipping to me  + shipping to you) * pp fees 3.5 % = total

((100  * 15% )+ 5 + 25) * 3.5 = 150.07

for purchases over 150 dollars a lower fee will be applied of 10 %

Option 2

there will be a limit to this shopping service as i need room for my stuff still on the way back lol..

this one is only for gta girls( toronto area) . China and taobao shopping service, so if there is anything you want from any Chinese company, or something i can pick up at a market for you (with the exception of anything i can't legally bring on a plane) this fee is 20% it's higher because it will take up more space and wieght in my suitcase, and requires more work. If it's a small item or doesn't weigh much we can negotiate on the fee.

i will buy from taobao and have it shipped to me, but you can pick it up when i get back from china ( i will be back the 27/28 of june) so you save huge on shipping from across the world.

((item cost * 20%) + shipping to me)* pp fees 3.5 % = total

((100 * 20%) + 5) *3.5 = 129.37


if you are interested in either service here is a bit of info you need to know:

* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal
* i take paypal and Canadian online bank transfer ONLY ^_^
* prices will be given in USD
* paypal fees are 3.5% for canada, 4.5% anywhere else.
* i can ship items as gifts and lower value, however tags with prices will have to be removed.
* once again option 2 is ONLY available to toronto or gta lolitas.
* i have the right to turn down any order or any reason (ex: negative feedback or just too many different sellers for one purchase)
* minimum purchase for option 1 is 50 dollars, and option 2 is 20 dollars, i can't be buying a whole bunch of 1-5 dollar orders.

* items price, shipping to me and my fee must be paid up front, and shipping to you will be paid once i get the items before i ship to you.
* if you order something that requires time to make that i am NOT responsible if the item doesn't come before I leave and it is complete your loss.(however i will let you know before hand)
* ordering from more than one seller on taobao will result in more than one cost in shipping to me, in which you will have to pay.
* if you choose shipping method without tracking and it gets lost it is your loss. I will offer at least 3 options in shipping.
* i am not responsible for damages through the mail, i will wrap things the best i can at your cost.
* i am not responsible for items from sellers on taobao or anywhere else if it's not your size, or not what you expected.
* i cannot return items, i cannot argue with the taobao seller for you either.

* if you have any questions please ask before filling out a form.
* to order you need to fill out the form and email it to mujitsu@yahoo.cn
* by filling out a form you are saying you have read these rules and info and agree to it.


form for shopping service (please email to mujitsu@ yahoo.cn)

LJ name:
Pay pal email: (if different)
Payment method: (choose between paypal or canadian online bank transfer)
Phone #:
(for local girls ordering option 2)
Additional info : if you'd like items marked as a gift, ect,

for each item you wish to order...

please keep each seller separate too

Seller name/Company:
Item url:
(number of that item)
Colour: (if applicable )
Size: (if applicable )
Additional info :


If you have any questions please feel free to ask below of pm me before ordering ^_^ thanks for looking^_^

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