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DS: Lots of clothes - I'M OPEN TO OFFERS!

Payment and shipping:

* All prices are in euros and don't include shipping cost
* I accept Paypal and bank transfer (bank transfer only for orders within the EU)
* I ship from Finland


I have a feedback page in eglfeedback community and I also have lots of positive feedback in my selling journal:

I still have some clothes and accessories left from my older sales post. I'VE PUT PRICES FOR EVERYTHING BUT I'M REALLY JUST TRYING TO MAKE SPACE FOR NEW CLOTHES SO DON'T HESITATE TO LEAVE AN OFFER! Some of the clothes are unique pieces and some are sample clothes but all of them are brand new, I've only used them for photos. If you're interested in buying please leave a comment here, or email me directly at (I'm also taking commissions as usual, please see more info in my journal:



* Bolero #001
- Short bolero with wide sleeves. Fastening with two little hooks. Measurements: bust 85cm, length of the sleeves 65cm.

Price: 25e

More pictures:


* Top #001
- Sleeveless top with narrow rose lace and white eyelet lace.Measurements: bust 86cm, waist 68cm, length 44cm.

Price: 35e


* Skirt #001 + matching headbow #004
- Ruffled hem with a layer of black lace. Measurements: waist 65cm, length 54cm.

Price: 40e for the set or 30e for the skirt and 10e for the headbow

* Skirt #007
- 3-layered skirt with white lace. Elastic waist. Measurements: waist 64cm (stretches), length 53cm.

Price: 40e

More pictures:

* Skirt #009
- Two D-rings and a detachable bow at the waist and a 3,5cm wide stripe at the hem. The skirt can also be worn the other way so that the D-rings and the bow is at the back. Measurements: waist 68cm, length 49cm.

Price: 35e

* Skirt #011
- Pleated skirt in classic lolita style. Measurements: waist 64cm, length 49cm.

Price 35e

* Skirt #012
- Two-layered skirt; the underskirt has white eyelet lace at the hem. Measurements: waist 80cm, length 51cm.

Price: 35e

* Skirt #014
- The length of the hem can be adjusted with grosgrain ribbons. I'm only selling the overskirt, petticoat can be ordered separately. Measurements: waist 70cm, length 52cm.

Price: 35e


Unique clothes:


* Blackxgrey high-waisted plaid skirt with wide scotty dog border print
- Measurements: waist 72cm, length 54cm.

Price: 35e

* Blackxgrey plaid skirt with narrow scotty dog border print.
- Measurements: Waist 72cm, length 48cm.

Price: 35e

* Strawberry skirt with offwhite daisy lace
- Measurements: Elastic waist, approx. 70-90cm, length 50cm.

Price: 35e

* 2-layered blue x white skirt with white lace
- Measurements: waist 66cm, length 50cm.

Price: 35e

OPs and JSKs:

* Greenxwhite JSK + capelet set
- The capelet is reversible (the other side is dark blue) and the dress has a removable bow in the back. Measurements bust 88cm, waist 68cm, length 92cm.

Price: 50e for the set or 40e for the dress and 20e for the cloak.

More pictures:

Hair accessories:

* Bow 001
- Three layered sidebow mounted on a cotton covered headband. I have enough cake fabric for 8 headbows, price for one bow is 13e.

* Bow #002
- Big bow with venise lace. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
redxwhite, price 13e
blackxwhite, price 13e SOLD!

* Bow #003
- Big bow with grosgrain ribbon. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
blackxred, price 12e
greyxblack, price 12e SOLD!

* Bow #004
- Big bow mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
light blue (strawberry print), price 12e

* Bow #006
- Big bow with white daisy lace. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
light bluexwhite, price 13e
pinkxwhite (dessert print), price 14e

* Bow #007
- Big bow with really wide, off-white lace. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
pinkxoff-white, price 15e
blackxoff-white (slightly bigger than the pink bow, see picture), price 15e

More hair accessories in my other post:

I also have some hair accessories left in my other post:
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