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DS: Handmade Accessories / Price lowered =P


☆ You can click on the pictures to see larger images ☆

1. Cake Hairpins

★Strawberry Cake Hairpin- $4 (CAD)

Its a triangular slice of strawberry cake, complete with icing details and a strawberry on top. There are three little pearls on the top as well. It is attached to a metal hairclip (as shown in the picture) and a brown ribbon.
Handmade with polymer clay ^-^

★Fruit Crepe Hairpin- $2 (CAD)
Delicious crepe, filled with cream, sliced strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and chocolate. It is attached to a metal hairclip and blackXwhite ribbon.
Handmade with Polymer clay.

★Strawberry Pie Hairpin- $2 (CAD)
Tiny pie with a lot of strawberries on top and two blueberries. Attached to blackXwhite ribbons and metal hairpin.
Handmade with Polymer clay.

2. Pearl Crown

★Black Pearl Mini crown- $15 (CAD)
Its a mini crown made with glass pearl beads. The beads are gray, while the laces and ribbons are black. Two different types of ribbons were used. Its fastened twice with a pin at the bottom and ribbons.

Pictures of it being worn are at the bottom of this post.

3. Hand crocheted lace cuffs

★White Hand-crocheted lace cuffs- $20 for the pair (CAD)
Wrist cuffs that can work both gothic and classic. They are crocheted with white cotton thread, and decorated with black + burgundy ribbons. Theres also a cross-shaped charm in the middle. It is fastened with a metal fastener, and tightened with ribbons.
*Please note that because this item is 100% hand made, there is a slight size difference between the two cuffs. It is not noticeable when worn.

★Hand crocheted charm bracelet- $12 (CAD)
* Not sold in pairs
This is a sweet and classic crocheted bracelet. There are four victorian charms on it, and it is also adorned with pink roses and ribbons. It is fastened twice with a metal fastener and a long pink ribbon. Very cute and victorian at the same time!

4. Eye patch

★Bear-shaped Black Eye patch- $8 (CAD)
This eyepatch is hand crocheted with black yarn. It works with both Sweet and Gothic lolita. The same type of pearl and ribbons used in the mini crown is also used in this eye patch, so they match very well. It is tied with a long slim black ribbon.

Pictures of them being worn


I ship world-wide! The items would be shipped from Canada.
Shipping fees would depend on where you live, but it wouldn't be over $8 max.

Feedbacks can be found at http://hj2270.livejournal.com/1052.html
But please bear with me that I've only done two sales in this community
and I only have one feedback...:(

I accept Paypal only. My account is:

☆All Items are Made by myself...
Please help me afford my first lolita one-piece?ㅜ_ㅜ

I also accept commission- just comment!

★Thank you★
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