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DS: Handmade custom skirts.

EDIT: I AM WILLING TO TAKE 3 MORE COMMISSIONS FOR NON-SCALLOPED HEM SKIRTS. Those are the super time consuming ones and I just don't have time to make more then 3 or 4, but if anyone wants a simpler looking skirt (just without the scalloped edge) I will make one. the people who have commented below and did not get into the first 5 slots will have first dibs. I will go through and ask each person individually. :D I hope that seems fair!.

So, I love making skirts, and right now I think I have way to many. So now I am offering up my skills for 5 lucky people.
Here are some examples of my work:

If someone really wants an apron, I can make one, but I trying to focus more on skirts, since they are what I have a lot of practice doing.

Basically I can do any of the following:
corset lacing
lace, duh (white only, for now)
Scalloped Hem (it will be extra though, because it takes a lot more fabric)
Heart pockets
Ribbon bows

All of the skirts are rectangular gathered skirts with half elastic waistbands. I can do zippers upon request, but I don't really like working with them. All of the seams are either finished or zigzagged closed. For now, I only want to do solid colors, but if you would like a print, I can do my best to find the one you want. If you already have fabric, you can send it to me and I will make you a skirt with that, then the price will obviously be less.

Pretty much, all I need from you is your waist measurement and the measurement from your waist to the middle of your knee.

Skirts are $40USD each plus $10USD shipping (thats priority)
If you want a scalloped hem, that is an extra $10, because they are very time consuming, and material consuming.

You may still post if you would like one, but my time is limited! XD I have to go back to school on the 20th.

Thank you very much! :D

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