Jeanine (j9isawesome) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Final price reduction: Metamorphose, BTSSB & offbrand

*Feedback: I've edited my ebay account to reflect my LJ name and user icon. I hope that's enough till all of this database drama blows over.
*Paypal payment only please (prices listed include any Paypal fees).
*Prices listed include shipping within the US. I'm willing to add a confirmation number and/or ship outside of the US but both will cost extra.
*All items come from a smoke free home and are in used but like new condition (except offwhite skirt, please read item description). I do have cats but do my best to keep them away from my clothes.
*I'm willing to consider trades but I am picky.

Pink Metamorphose Sweets Skirt- $110, lowered to $100 NOW: $80 SOLD

Offwhite BTSSB Bustle Skirt- $80, lowered to $75 NOW: $60 SOLD

Pink BTSSB Wizard of Oz Cutsew- $45, lowered to $40 NOW: $32 SOLD

Red Petticoat- $40, lowered to $30 NOW: $24 SOLD

BTSSB 2010 Calendar- $15, lowered to $12 NOW: $9.50 SOLD

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, offbrand

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