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URGENT DS: Loads of stuff needs new home (Reductions on old stuff)

  First off my feedback

My LJ ----->

Also please be aware I do own 2 cats a black cat & white cat for anyone with allergies. 


 Shipping Info

Buyer is responsible for shipping + paypal fees!
Shipping will be provided via USPS w/ delivery confirmation!
I am not responsible for lost packages but i do always make labels through paypal so i will always have proof of postage.
International Shipping is expensive and rates usually start at $15+

Please provide you zipcode or state along with paypal address
First to leave paypal gets the item, no holds unless there is a deposit, trades may be considered but i need money for tuition.


BL Red shoes 
Size 6-6.5 true to size for me but can fit comfortably 5.5-6 


 BL headbow
$6 shipped 


BL high collar red tartan blouse w/ velvet ribbons
$10  $8 shipped
Waist: 30in MAX
Bust: <34in MAX

 Coffin Bag
I had this for years,maybe about 5yrs and was originally bought at Gothic Renaissance
 $40  $30 

It also has minor damage


 AP Plastic Headband
  $45   $40 shipped
Offbrand Mini TopHat
$12 shipped 

Underbust Corset
$70   $60 shipped
Free size
Color: Black/Violet


 Gothic Velvet Top
Originally bought at Trash&Vaudeville (BF got it)
$30 shipped

Bust: 38in
Waist: 30in
May fit a bout an inch or so more


  Angelic Pretty SC Pink skirt

Angelic Pretty SC Postcard

Angelic Pretty Cutsew
BNWT $80 shipped
Bust: 36max
Waist: 30in

Its the white x pink version

Btssb Knit cardigan.

Meta Cutsew
Used, has stains
Bust: 36 in Max but i suggest 34in
Waist: 30 in


 Btssb Cutsew Dress
 $100 85shipped w/in USA

Bust: 36in but can probably go to 38
Waist: Its free size since the dress is not tight at all more like an empire waist, very loose and nice for the summer

Thank You for looking, if you have any questions feel free to ask :D


Tags: angelic pretty, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand

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