A restless traveler (nov6) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
A restless traveler

WTB: Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden OP/JSK

Hi ladies!

I have an important wedding to attend this upcoming summer, so I thought, now's probably the time to search for an appropriate dress to wear! I'm looking for a dress from Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden, preferably in these sort of styles:


My price range would be mostly $250 and under, although I may make exceptions depending on the dress. I would prefer pastel colours as I feel those would be most suitable for a wedding (no black, please), but please feel free to throw any offers at me, I'd be glad to take a look (another excuse to shop for occasions outside of the wedding)!

Also, if any of you girls know of any reliable methods to reserve a dress from Victorian Maiden, please let me know! I'm looking at this dress in particular:

Again, please don't hesitate to suggest anything you think may be suitable :) Thank you in advance!
Tags: !wtb, mary magdalene, victorian maiden

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