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DS: Emergency sale! ALL classic/gothic items under $100!

I'm in a pickle. And if I don't sell this stuff, I'm in serious trouble, no matter how much I love all of it. ;; So my issue is your gain! Most of this stuff is priced pretty low already, but I want it GONE, so if you have a reasonable offer, I will likely take it.

+ I give priority to the first person who will pay in full and has their paypal address at the ready.
+ No holds as this is an emergency.
+ No trades.
+ I will provide more pictures upon request!

I AM GOING TO ANIME BOSTON. If you would like to avoid shipping, and you happen to be going, I can bring any of these things to the con. PM me if you'd like to meet up somewhere on Thursday or Friday. :)

OTHERWISE, I ship using USPS Priority, unless you prefer First class, which is usually cheaper.

My database feedback is here and here, even though I should have much more. XD; My ebay feedback is here.

[SOLD at AB to epoxide]
Pureeva blouse - $60
Made for me before she disappeared into the ether, I have never worn this blouse because the sleeves are a bit tight on me. It is a qwasi-replica of the Classical Doll dress Victorian Maiden put out --- I wanted the top of that dress to wear as a blouse. :) Exquisite sewing. It's a rich cream color, fits up to a bust of 36", waist 30".

[SOLD to soniabunny]
Fanplusfriend blouse - $40
my picture
Worn 5-6 times, this is my first lolita/aristocrat blouse. I love it dearly, but I don't wear it often at all. Fanplusfriend size 10, fits me well at waist 27" and bust 34". Could go a little higher in the bust, but anything over a 28" waist would be too much.


Silver dupioni corset - $110 or best offer
Originally paid over $300 for this. It's a genuine steel and silver-gray silk dupioni tightlacing corset, and will lace you down to 21" if you can close it completely :D This is modeled after a Victorian corset I saw in a museum, so the lines are good if you enjoy wearing authentic vintage clothes, or just want to aristocrat-up your wardrobe.


69th Dept OP - $60
my picture
GORGEOUS OP bought off the comm, it is made of a high quality, thick black fabric. Maybe a cotton sateen. It comes just to my knees at 5'2", so it is best for shorter lolitas or people who like their dresses on the short side.

[SOLD to Brooke and Tori]
Brown floral underbust jsk - $45
Handmade by me, serged underbust jsk, made in the style of the VM Apron Frill. :D Unlined, it is light and great to wear in the spring and summer! 36" long, bust size free, waist ties down to 25" or up to 34"! It is hard to get a photo of, if you need more, I can try again.


[SOLD to the_mad_milash]
Black high waist skirt - $50
Minimum waist 27", maximum 34". There's extensive shirring in the back for comfort, even though this is a very sleek looking skirt. It's partially lined and gives incredible shape to your waist :D It's also a longer skirt (25"), so it's good for taller persons, or people who love longer skirts <3

Black floral skirt - $20
For shorter, tiny lolitas :D Best for someone with a 24"-26" waist, it has no shirring. Length 17"

[SOLD to soniabunny]
Anthropologie skirt - $30
Bought on sale a few seasons ago, there are a few tiny points where the black lace is ripped, and there are tiny discolorations on the mesh layer. It is USED, but still looks great on. Anthro size 2, 26"-29" waist is best.

Pink floral skirt - $15
Great beginner skirt, unlined, no shirring. Best for a 29"-30" waist.

[SOLD to soniabunny]
F21 kodona/dandy vest - $10
Adorable. <3 Up to a 35" bust.

Red Riding Hood - $25
Handmade out of high quality red velveteen and completely lined. It was made for just myself, so it is priced a little lower because the sewing is not perfect. If you love MASSIVE hoods (not hoods that just cover your head, but big enough to put a Marie Antoinette wig under), you will love this. For persons with smaller shoulders.

Selling all the size 8s I have, because they are now too big. :(

Chunky gothic boots - $45
AWESOME and barely used Bongo boots, size 8. Great for dancing in c:

GAL style sandals - $15
Also size 8, they are a white/silver combination and look wonderful in the summertime.

[SOLD to cookie_faerie]

Fake Chanel shoes - $20
Size 8, but narrow in the toe. Bought in the group order a while back, I've barely worn them because they are hard to coordinate with my wardrobe! They are a cream color with black trimming. 25cm inside measure, best for 24cm feet

Dark mint green shoes - $15
Size 7, the pink laces can be replaced for a color of your choice. :)

White maryjanes - $15
Fits like a size 8, even though they are marked as a 6. They are a tiny bit scuffed, but are wonderful for totally white outfits, as they are a whitewhite, not offwhite or cream.

[SOLD to Alex!]

Black flower barrette - $8

Black beaded choker - $10

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