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DS:Bodyline, Montreal, Suppurate System

*Items come from a smoke-free pet-free home
*I only accept Paypal (both cc & non-cc)
*All prices in USD
*US buyers prefered
*Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated.
*I have 100% positive feedback
*I am willing to accept offers or trades (especially for other SS lucky pack items).

~First to leave PP address gets the item~

1. Suppurate System Bear necklace - Taking offers

New w/o tags
The original price was around 7500yen

*note: There is an imperfection on the top (some glue residue)shown here:

2.Montreal RHS - $27

US only for these, sorry
Size 25.5
Ribbons not shown, but included.
Shipping: $10.70 priority mail

These are well loved, but still have a lot of life left in them. The insoles have started to shift as shown in the picture and there are some scuffs on the toes here:

There's also some wear to the soles, but it's hard to get on camera and wouldn't be noticeable when worn.

***Reposts after 4+ weeks***
3. Bodyline White Blouse- $26 + shipping

New w/o tags
For some reason the tag says L but this blouse is really LL

collar detail
The blouse on BL website here

*note: I am selling the WHITE version

4. Suppurate System Battery Ring Set- $20 shipped in the US OBO

Brand new from a Lucky Pack


*note: The black ring is a little bit smaller than the green one. I am also willing to split them up if you just want one

5. Bustier style Top- $16 + Shipping

New w/o tags
Size Medium (it is pretty stretchy though)
The color is kind of hard to get on camera, but it is a light cream color. It also has plastic boning

*~Thanks For looking~*
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand, suppurate system

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