Amanda Tea (bunniea) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Amanda Tea

DS/ WTB: Bodyline Strawberry Jsk, WTB a petticoat and hellcatpunks jacket

Hi there I have feedback at the loligothdbs under bunniea
I think its positive 7 or postivie 8
. I dont ask or require anyone to leave
feedback for me, but if youd like me to leave feedback for you please let me know
I also have positive feedback on ebay under username smilingshigagi

Bodyline Strawberry JSK

I just got this in the mail and it is very cuute but doesnt fit I would like to sell for what I  paid for which was $30.00  and shipping will be decided on where you live and if you want priority shipping etc.

bust:32-35 inches
waist: 26-29 inches
The total length is 32 inches
Skirt Length from the waist is 21 inches


I need a poofy petticoat. I was going to attempt at making one but honestly dont have the time
my price range is 20-40 dollars. depending on the petticoat please let me know  ^^

Also currently looking for any hell cat punk jackets , a typical punk jacket with zippers all over the place
Tags: bodyline

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