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DS: High waist blackxpink skirt

High waist blackxpink skirt still for sale

Hello lovely ladies,

I still have this gorgeous skirt for sale, since I still don't fit into it.
The last time I put this up a lot replied but no one really wanted to
buy it, so I'm asking you to only reply if you really intend to buy it,
or when you have actual questions regarding the skirt.
Thanks very much, for info scroll down <33



Pictures belong to 'Mirror'
65 -70 cm or 25.6" - 27.6"
Length(measured at the center):  60 cm = 23.6 "
The fabric is light and it's slightly shiney but not cheap shiney
Has an invisible zipper on the side and is completely backlined with comfortable black fabric.
It's from the 'brand' Mirror, which is a brand  by a very talented dutch seamstress who made a lot
of lolita clothes for dutch lolita's.
With a lot of heartache I sell this skirt, I love it so much but due to my broad ribcage it doesn't
fit me, no matter how much weight I lose. I wore it once for two hours.
On the picture it is shown without a petti. Because it's brandnew I'd like to sell it for
€75,- + shipping costs (new from Mirror it's €90 exc.)
Shipping within Holland is €6.75
Inside Europe it's €7,70 and outside Europe it's €10.45
it's no problem to ship international
Because I've never really worn it I have no pictures of it being worn, but if you really want to I'd be happy
to take them for you.
I accept Paypal

Thank you for looking


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