Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Jackie M

Baby cardi, handmade items, purse, corset and more ^_^

* i ship from tdot > toronto
* via canada post, offering surface, air and priority (only one with tracking)
*price DO NOT include shipping
* i am not responsible if your packages get lost, if u didn't buy tracking
*prices in USD ^_^
*PAYPAL ONLY - no echecks- 3.5% within canada 4.5% newehre else ~ i have nothing but problems with anything else.
*priority to full paying,right away, north american customers, but all are welcome
*i'd prfer no holds
* trades, are a maybe, you can have a look at my wishlist but i also wish for money :P lol
* pick up - yes must be planned wihtin a week, and if i have to travel you have to pay for it ^_^
* i feel i mark things far, but you can always negotiate. everything is OBO
*any questions please ask!!

sorry for fuzzy pictures, lol i have no camera and i'm stupid with an iphone  (cuz it has no flash)

On to the fun...

Baby Cardi 


Handmade Halloween-esk skirt

i bought it and never wore it, it's really pretty, no lining though, it would fit a 24- 50+ really, it's very nice material, just an impulse buy, i'll prolly never wear since i have nothing to match it

asking: 25




reduced so i don't have to post again..

Betsey Johnson purse

beautiful, retail is 140, lots of pockets, like new,

asking: 45 +shipping


Offbrand corset

fits best  closes at a 35bust and 26 waist, it can go up to 48 bust, and a 36 waist without a problem.

asking: 30 +shipping

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, offbrand

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