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!GO & Updates & Reminder: Secret Shop Tea-Party Shoes 2 Pre-Order & An*tai*na* Shoes

Feedback on loligothdbs in here. ^^

  • New pre-orders for new designs of Secret Shop Shoes will open in the next couple of days, please keep an eye on the site.
GO: 2nd Pre-Order for Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 & 9809
There's a vast demand for the Secret Shop Tea-Party Shoes, so here comes the 2nd Pre-Order for the Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 & 9809.
Same price, same shipping. And remember, combined shipping will always be much cheaper.
US$45.95 + 15(postage)

About the 2nd Secret Shop Tea-Party Shoes Pre-Order, if you join the pre-order within the next 5 days or so(estimated), the shoes can be sent out to you at the same time with the first batch, or else it will be 10 days later than the first batch(or check with me whether or not they can still be manufactured together with the first batch).

>>>>>To view the original post of the Secret Shop Shoes Pre-Order on the comm, please click here

Go Reminder:
Closing on 31/May. To view the original post of the An*tai*na* Shoes GO on the comm, please click here.
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