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WTB: BtSSB Parasol, Offbrand shoes, KKJJ Petticoat

* I live in Massachusetts, USA, and accept sellers from any country.
* I'm paying by CC Paypal
* The only feedback I have is +1 Positive on Ebay as a seller (Available
  here: ) I've never bought anything on
  this community before.
* Please, when telling me your asking price, include ALL fees AND shipping.

I'm looking for:

* Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Vellsarie Folding Umbrella in BLACK
I only want this in black. If no one will sell it to me in black, I may
possibly consider other colors, but for now I'm just looking for black.
It can be damaged a little bit, but please don't offer me something
with huge gaping holes in it or something like that. The max I'd pay
would be around $50 (Including fees and shipping) but if you  think that's
too low, give me an offer.

BABY Vellsarie parasol

* Offbrand, Bodyline, China Brand ETC Damaged (or otherwise) White shoes

The reason I'm asking for damaged or otherwise is because I'm looking
for a very cheap pair of white shoes. They can be offbrand or BL, or Montreal or from
any of the China brands, but I only want to pay around $20-$25 USD for them.
Can be scuffed or anything like that, as long as they are still wearable,
I.E. not falling apart at the seams. I'll take anything from sandals to
mary-janes or possibly boots, but I'm not too sure on that note. Anything,
basically, except rocking horse shoes. Can be flat, but preferably
with a heel, even if it's a low one. Size 24, 24.5, 25, or 25.5

* KiraKira JenJen Petticoat FOUND

Yes, one of the pettis that Kirakirajenjen used to run group orders for.
Can be used, the most I'm willing to pay is around $40 USD.
Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand

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