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Coord Ready Accessory Lots

Hi everybody

This is a a limited time accessory lot sale. Some of these I just made but I wanted to give you guys first dibs. I will leave them here for a few days before I post them up on my shop

Im in virginia, I do ship internationally and you can check my feedback at http://KawaiiFrenzy.Etsy.Com

Links under main picture are of additional angles. If you want more detailed pics let me know and I'll take them for you.

To order just leave a comment with your paypal email and I will send you an invoice. If you like a certain item I may be able to make another one but it wont be at sale price. I also take commissions. If you have any questions please ask I'll be happy to answer.

Each lot cost $25 + shipping cost

Lot 1: Jumbo size lollipop necklace and crystals are swarovski. 2 rose bobby pins with swarovski crystals. 1 cell straps , 1 heart ring, 1 pair of teddy bear earrings.



Lot 2: 1 strawberry necklace, 1 large strawberry bobby pin, 2 small heart bobby pins and one of them has mini strawberry slices and swarovski crystals, 1 sugar dipped strawberry ring, 1 light pink teardrop pearl cell strap charm.


Lot 3: Raspberry macaron necklace, 1 ring, 1 apple cream cell strap charm, 2 fabric rose bobby pins with swarovski crystals in the center. For the bobby pins I made every petal and I sewed every layer together.


Lot 4: 1 handmade silk flower hair corsage, 1 cream rose ring, 2 rosebud bobby pins, 1 mirror cell strap with a lace bow.


Lot 5: Little lamb playing violin necklace, 1 blue pearl cell strap charm, 1 pom pom ring with swarovski crystal, 2 rosebud bow bobby pins, 1 pair or white rosebud earring studs.


Lot 6: 1 rose crystal drop necklace, 1 strawberry mint french barrette or I can customize it to a pin or whatever attachment you want, 1 pair of lavender teddy bear earrings, 1 heart vine ring, 1 pearl drop cell charm strap, large plushie monkey keychain with mirror on the back.


Lot 7: A pair of fabric bows on french barrettes, if you want a different attachment let me know, 1 swan ring, 1 handmade silk poppy hair clip, 1 ivory teardrop pearl cellphone charm strap.


Lot 8: Feathered mini top hat with black rosebuds and various colored pink beads you can get it with either a haircomb or clip. 1 fluffy pink crown cell strap. 1 black french barrette bow with heart. 1 pink french barrette with a winged heart with pink crystal in the center.

Lot 9: Black Ribbon necklace with cascading beads, 2 bobby pins with swarovski crystals with every petal handmade by me, 1 fleur de lis ring,  1 black rose teardrop bead cellphone charm strap. 1 large silk black rose hair clip with swarovski crystals every petal is handmade.



Thank you for looking



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