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DS: Meta rose-print JSK and off-brand prince set!

Want to make as quick a sale as possible, feel free to make me an offer! Also the prices are without shipping but I will ship anywhere, just drop me a message and I'll tot up the totals :)

Metamorphose JSK
(Dress Worn):
Dress Worn

(Hung up looking less poofy):

(Close up of pattern):

Asking £50 w/o shipping


Lovely meta JSK, am unsure what the print is called as I've never seen it anwhere else! I've only worn it once so the condition is perfect. The skirt is 23 inches long; waist 14 inches flat, 21 flat with shirring - and the shirring is at the front, so will comfortable fit bigger chested girls - also the ties mean you can take it smaller than 14 inches if you need to. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions ^^

Off-brand prince style waistcoat:

(Full view):


(Front panel):

Asking: £10 w/o shipping
I'm sure people have seen this around before - it's a GLP waistcoat that I got in Camden a while back. The panels are black canvas, it's trimmed with lace and the buttons have sweet little military crests on them. Anyway it's completely adjust because of the lacing so is essentially freesize ^^ Again, any questions let me know.

Off-brand Prince Set:



Asking: £30 w/o shipping

Details: I love this set so much but have literally never worn it! Fits a UK size 10, the waistcoat has a tie on the back so you can give it an inch of two's give either way. The trousers come in just above the knee, so it's absolutely perfect for boystyle ^^

Thanks for looking, and again if you have any questions do ask!
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